Man gets speeding ticket for going the speed limit

A man from Australia became an internet sensation after he received a speeding ticket for going exactly the speed limit last month. Zac Murray of Queensland, Australia was driving to work in his father's car when a police speed camera snapped him going 100 kilometers and hour, or about 62 miles an hour, in a 100 kilometer zone.

For his careful driving this law-abiding citizen was charged $151 by police. Murray posted a picture of the ticket to Facebook. The ticket accused him of allegedly speeding by less than 13 kph. He hasn't received a speeding ticket in seven years.

"Seriously the definition of alleged hasn't changed in 600 years. I'm fairly certain I've been caught red-handed being a law abiding citizen," he wrote in the post, according to ABC News.

Murray stayed positive about the superfluous ticket, realizing there must have been an error. Police agreed and cleared the charge from Murray's record.

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