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A single speed camera in Brooklyn is proving to be a boon for for city coffers after it issued 1,551 tickets on a single summer day.

Drivers traveling 10 miles per hour or more down an exit ramp near Ocean Parkway were treated to a $50 ticket. All told, the one camera generated $77,550 in speeding tickets July 7.

A Department of Transportation spokesperson told the New York Post that the 400-foot ramp gives drivers ample time to slow down to the posted speed of 30 mph.

"Someone slowing from 50 to 40 mph or from 45 to 35 would not receive a violation," a DOT spokesperson told the Post.

There are already 20 speed cameras watching New York City roads. Since January, they've issued 183,000 tickets, generating $9.2 million for the city. An additional 120 speed cameras are planned to go up before 2015.

Speed cameras seem like a cash cow for municipalities struggling to make their bottom line a little brighter, but some cities have experienced expensive problems with the technology. Baltimore's speed cameras over-charged motorists to the tune of $2.8 million dollars in 2012. Some cameras were issuing incorrect tickets nearly half of the time. One camera issued incorrect tickets 58 percent of the time.

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