Cops pull over police chief for speeding and let him go without even a warning

An Arkansas State Police trooper pulled over the police chief of a small Arkansas town late last month and, despite evidence of speeding, let the chief go without even a warning.

According to KATV, ASP trooper L. Williams pulled over a red Ford F-150 on October 21 after a Brinkley, Arkansas, police officer requested ASP assistance with a speeding vehicle outside of city jurisdiction. The Brinkley officer claimed that the truck was cruising at well over 100 miles per hour when he clocked it. When Trooper Williams stopped the speeding truck, he discovered Brinkley police chief Ed Randle at the wheel.

Footage from the ASP patrol car's dashcam shows Randle, Williams, and an unidentified Brinkley police officer having a jovial conversation at the side of the road. When asked where he was going in such a hurry, Randle told Trooper Williams that he was on his way to Clarendon, Arkansas to referee a ball game. After a few minutes, the officers returned to their cars and Chief Randle drove away, apparently without a ticket or even a warning to slow down.

KATV obtained the dashcam footage from the ASP cruiser. When they reached out to Chief Randle for an explanation he claimed that he couldn't remember how fast he was going, but that it was impossible for him to have been moving as fast as the BPD officer claimed.

"My truck is governed to 95 miles an hour, so when I go past 95 miles an hour - I wasn't near close to 95 miles an hour as I was traveling," Randle told KATV. "I might have been a little bit over the speed limit, but it wasn't that much."

Monroe County Prosecutor Baxter Sharp III told KATV that he wasn't aware of the incident or the dashcam footage until he was contacted by the station. He then said that his office was now looking into the matter.

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