Man Beats Speeding Ticket With a Measuring Tape

A man in Wales successfully beat his speeding ticket with nothing more than a tape measure.

David Erasmus drove through the Welsh village of Hendy within the speed limit of 30 mph, according to The Telegraph. He was surprised, then, to received a speeding ticket generated by a traffic camera showing he was traveling 36 mph.

Rather than shrug and pay the fine, he decided to do a little sleuthing. He wondered if the white markings on the road which allowed the speed camera to judge how fast a car is traveling might be slightly off.

Using a measuring tape he concluded that the lines were three inches shorter than they should have been, which tricked the camera into thinking he had been traveling over the speed limit. After reviewing the measurements the judge dismissed Erasmus' ticket on the spot. The camera has been operating for 12 years, according to CNET. GoSafe, the company responsible for the cameras, is looking into Erasmus's measurements.

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