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Walker died in November 2013.

"I promised you we would make something you would be proud of and I pray that we have," Diesel wrote.

They should have called it The Crashed and the Furious. Hey-o!

There's a submarine.

The film's first official trailer debuts Sunday.

Dominic Toretto scowls and Roman Pearce clotheslines a snowmobiler. In other words, typical Fast and Furious fare.

Stranger things have happened, right? Right?

And the award for Best Actor goes to... No. Probably not.

It's the countdown to the coutdown!

We may also get some closure on the dust-up between Vin Diesel and the Rock.

Thanks to his brothers as stand-ins.

Or a way to help promote Fast 8.

Johnson versus Diesel is a wrestling match we'd like to see.

The two met secretly to squash their beef.

Reports say 'The Rock' was sniping at Diesel.

Things aren't going smoothly on the set for 'The Rock.'

Pretend turbine power, real V8 rumble.

Hania Riley plays the part of studio executive in this behind-the-scenes video clip.

Michelle Rodriguez takes the wheel of a Rally Red C2 in the blockbuster's next edition.

Another custom Charger for Dom and some weirdness for the rest.

Fast 8 now has two Oscar-winning actresses attached to it.

Mirren began campaigning for a role back in the series back in 2014, saying "I'd love to be in a Fast and Furious movie. I keep putting feelers out."

The Rock hints Luke Hobbs could spawn a spin-off.

Any way it goes, it will be entertaining.

The latest Fast & Furious villain has a name and a heavy-metal look.

Clevelanders were treated to a little movie magic on May 16 as second unit filming started on Fast 8.

Check out the latest teaser clip of Vin Diesel and the crew filming in Cuba.

Vin Diesel and Fast 8 director F. Gary Gray are in Havana, Cuba filming the latest installment in the long-running action series.

With a name like Eastwood, he's got to be good. Right?

Vin Diesel says Fast and Furious 9 and 10 will arrive in theaters in 2019 and 2021, respectively. Fast 8 will hit the screen in April 2017.

Vin Diesel hinted that the next film in the blockbuster Fast and Furious series could take place in New York, while continuing to point to a April 2017 debut.

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