The feud between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel may be a WWE stunt

Or a way to help promote Fast 8.

The feud between Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Vin Diesel not only rages on, but is getting even more heated as filming for the upcoming Fast 8 film comes to a close. Previous reports claim that Johnson, who called his fellow male actors " candy asses", and Diesel were arguing over decisions the latter made that didn't sit well with 'The Rock.' Earlier this month, anonymous sources claimed the two had met to squash their beef, putting an end to their quarreling. The latest tidbit of news, though, muddles the waters even more – the actors were likely never really fighting.

According to Life & Style Magazine, the feud between Johnson, who plays Luke Hobbs, and Diesel, who will reprise his role as Dominic Toretto, was a hoax. An anonymous source told the outlet that the feud between the two was a stunt to get people aroused for a WWE wrestling match and to promote the Fast 8 film. The source claims the stunt was Johnson's idea. After all, the star first got his start in wrestling.

While the report sounds like it's coming out of left field – partly because it is – it sort of makes sense. Johnson's movie career involves numerous films with other actors that were probably difficult to work with and the actor has never voiced any negative words towards another actor. At least not in the way he did towards Diesel.

On the other hand, if the fake feud is being used to garner attention, the actors aren't taking it far enough. Wouldn't there be more rants aimed at one another? Something doesn't add up and, if you ask us, we think the hatred between the two is real. The anonymous source may be trying to cover up the real conflict between the actors.

Either way, a wrestling match between 'The Rock' and Diesel would be huge for both the film and WWE. Only time will tell if Johnson and Diesel really settle their anger in the ring, but if they do, our money's on 'The Rock.'

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