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First Ride
A little more of everything | 2017 Porsche 911 GTS First Drive

Why not just make the S faster? For starters, this is much better.

The car that could soon wipe the 911 Carrera S out of existence.

Long Term
We're spending six months with a Jaguar XE diesel

Another sport sedan! The fleet is looking good.

The strange and unlikely story of 100 identical Ford Mustang convertibles

A Christmas gift guide gone wrong, and a whole fleet of misfit toys.

What happens when no one wants your limited-edition pony car.

New York
Nissan creates the Rogue Dogue, a crossover dog owners will be begging for

What good features for what a good boy.

Yo dogs, we heard you like riding in the car, so we put dog stuff in this car.

iOS 10.3: CarPlay is a little better and Siri is your voice-activated fuel gauge

Fewer taps required to switch apps, and Siri will tell you if your car doors are locked.

Spy Shots
This Mustang may need fender vents to cool its supercharged V8

Or perhaps they're just supposed to look cool.

Are you the GT500 we've been hearing so much about?

Infiniti went out of its way to make the QX30 not a Mercedes

We're just not sure it put the effort in all the right places.

It's a GLA-class underneath, although few are likely to notice.

Deep Dive
A look at the Dodge Demon's drag settings, modes, and go-fast tech

Line lock, cooldown mode, and lots of customization.

The Red key will make an appearance, unlocking even more power and torque.

Here are the Challenger SRT Demon's bare-minimum performance numbers

A lot of hints, but we think Dodge is sandbagging.

Long story short: lots of power and we can expect more.

Airbus and Italdesign's Pop.Up is either flying or a car

Does your car have vertical takeoff and landing capabilities?

Airbus is involved, and they actually know a thing or two about flying machines.

It turns out the Fiat 500X isn't a track car

Who knew? (That's a rhetorical question.)

It's what we sort of forgot to do that left a lasting impression.

Spy Shots
Cadillac says it made CUE infotainment a lot better

The newest version of the system will roll out first on the 2017 CTS.

Italdesign will build five of its Zerouno supercar, a carbon-bodied Lamborghini Huracan

And yes, we think it looks a little like a GT-R, too.

This thing just looks plain nuts.

No, you can't play Doom on a Porsche 911 (or any other car)

But you can imagine what it would be like if you could.

This would be a pretty unsafe way to play video games if it were real. Here's why it's not.

With a new Jaguar and the Shell app, your car can pay for its own gas

Apple Pay and PayPal will be supported first, with Android Pay coming later.

Pay for gas without leaving your car! And then get out and pump it.

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