Heroic biker chases purse snatcher through traffic

Normally, when we see incredible videos from former USSR countries they're filmed by dash cams. This one come from a helmet-mounted GoPro of a motorcycle rider in Kiev. This man, identified by as Vyacheslav Verkhogliad, seized the chance to be a hero when a crook took off with a woman's purse while he sat in traffic.

When the mugger got close enough, Verkhogliad leapt off his bike to catch up with the purse snatcher. The two ran between cars moving through traffic until the thief gave up, dropped the purse and made his getaway. Verkhoglid returned the bag to its rightful owner. The grateful woman hugged Verkhogliad and thanked him. The video was uploaded to YouTube last week, and has been viewed over 300,000 times since then.

Besides being an awesome first-person justice video, this incident serves as a reminder that you can't judge a person by what they drive. Bikers often get a bad name. They're seen as rebels and scofflaws, but many are just average folk trying to get home. Some can be everyday heroes, like Verkhogliad or this biker who scooped up a kitten from a busy intersection.

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