Man too busy with road rage to notice looming tornado

A driver in Florida was so annoyed by his fellow motorists during heavy rains he didn't notice the cause of the backed-up traffic, a swirling tornado just a few feet from his vehicle. Anthony Ciarrocchi uploaded the dashcam footage of his stormy drive through Pompano Beach, FL to his YouTube account Tuesday. He defended himself against accusations of cluelessness in the comments section, Fox5 reported.

"If anyone of the naysayers have ever driven in S.FL during any storm you would know it comes down in sheets, roads flood quickly and you have to keep your eyes on the road," Ciarrochi wrote in the comments of his video. "I was driving and watching the road, not the sky."

Ciarrochi certainly takes distracted driving seriously. About two minutes into the video a looming cloud formed as Ciarrocchi drove down a busy road. As the funnel cloud took shape, Ciarrocchi began to get irate with other drivers. "Turn on your lights, what the f*ck. It's Armageddon!" he said. Ciarrocchi cursed at his fellow motorists, saying they're in a hurricane. Little does he know that the danger is much nearer. Like the audience at a horror movie, we get to watch as the danger looms larger and larger on the unsuspecting victim.

The twister passed so close that Ciarrocci's car rocked slightly. He still thought he was in a hurricane however, and he tried to drive around stopped drivers as debris pelted his vehicle. What Ciarrocchi didn't know until much later was that he was nearly sucked into one of two tornados that touched down in southern Florida on Tuesday. The twisters made a mess, knocking out power lines, delaying cruise ship launches and uprooting trees, but didn't leave any lasting damage.

While rushing through a hurricane's wind and rain might make sense, driving through a tornado is definitely not advisable. recommends drivers leave their vehicles and seek shelter if a tornado is bearing down. If no shelter is nearby, drivers should lay down in a ditch or low lying area and wait for the tornado to pass.

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