Family walks away from terrible crash caught on dashcam

A family of three was lucky to survive this dramatic car crash where their Volvo flipped over and skidded across a rainy highway in the UK in 2014. A video of the crash was just released this week as an example of the benefit of having dashboard cameras on trucks. The footage was filmed by a dash cam mounted on a truck heading down the M5 in England, Wales Online reports. The white Volvo missed hitting the truck and then skidded across the road, throwing sparks as it went. It collided with a blue hatchback before coming to rest on the side of the road.

Remarkably, a four-month-old baby riding in the Volvo and its parents escaped major injury. The driver of the truck said he found the child still in its carseat with its parents hanging upside down. There were no serious injuries to the occupants of either vehicle. The truck that filmed the crash is owned by a hauling and logistics firm called Owens Group, out of Llanelli, Wales. The company released the video to show the benefits of fitting dashboard camera to vehicles. They're interested in using the cameras to protect the company for liability. Mike Colborne, health and safety manager at Owens Group, said that after this incident, all of its trucks have been outfitted with cameras.

"We now have the forward-facing cameras in all our vehicles. We were trialling it at the time and that was enough for us," Colborne told Wales Online. "It is totally down to protecting the driver and the company."

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