Good Samaritan pulls key from hit-and-run driver

A man in England stopped a hit-and-run driver from fleeing the scene by grabbing her keys from the ignition. On February 13, Michael Scott witnessed a crash on a busy road in Birmingham, England according to the Telegraph. He watched as a Vauxhall Astra crashed into a Porsche right in front of his vehicle. At first, it seemed like the offending driver was going to stop, but she just kept going. Luckily, Scott had his dashboard camera rolling at the time.

"I was shocked when the Astra driver didn't stop, and just carried on accelerating up the road," Scott told the Telegraph. "I thought the driver was trying to do a runner, so when the car in front of me moved off I managed to speed up and block the Astra in. Scott rushed ahead of traffic to cut off the Vauxhall in a turn lane a few hundred feet from where the crash originally occurred. The running driver then maneuvered around Scott, but was blocked by another car from making a clean getaway. Scott then nabbed the driver's keys to keep her from fleeing again.

"I was in a rush so I couldn't stop, but I gave her keys to the Porsche driver and left," Scott told the Telegraph. "I contacted the police to let them know I had footage of the incident too." When police arrived they found both drivers were unhurt, though the Porsche will probably need some expensive repairs. The fleeing driver was charged with drinking and driving and is currently out on bail.

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