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In the AutoblogGreen Garage: 2007 Saturn Aura Green Line hybrid

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Saturn dealers to offer Camry, Accord drives to Aura shoppers

The reinvigorated Saturn is one of the best things GM's got going right now. May 2007 sales were up 68% over the previous year (what a difference appealing product makes), and overall, it's up 30% YTD versus 2006.

Crossing the Green Line

First Drive: 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid

Catch him on a bad day, and Kermit will tell you, it isn't easy being green. But automotively speaking, that's about to change. Turn the key in the 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line hybrid and it drives like a well-sorted, peppy crossover. That's exactly the point. GM Powertrain engineers weren't trying to save the world with technology that takes a postgraduate engineering degree to appreciate or operat

2007 Saturn Aura

A sedan to be proud of

There's something new in the air at Saturn, but can the Aura finally give General Motors' maverick brand the kick it has long and desperately needed?Two decades ago, GM kicked off a frenzy when it announced plans to launch a new division. Politicians from across America made pilgrimages to Detroit , bearing state tax breaks and other incentives, hoping to attract to their states what was billed as

Heading Skyward

Review: 2007 Saturn Sky

Saturn's first-ever convertible, the two-seat Saturn Sky roadster, debuts in the spring as an early 2007 model. It's basically a more stylish and more expensive (by about $3,000) version of the new-for-2006 Pontiac Solstice with more standard amenities (Saturn and Pontiac are divisions of General Motors).The Sky shares its rear-drive platform and powertrain with the Solstice, though the car looks

Saturn Vue Green Line Revisited

Ann Job provides a more extensive review of the 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line than the one previously posted by Automobile. She speculates, for example, that the "Eco" light, which brightens when the Vue exceeds government fuel standards, is vacuum-operated instead of using a computer to determine mileage. She finds the setup a bit odd since hybrid buyers want to know how much they save fuel-wise.