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Praise be to Recaro, bringer of bolsters and thigh support

We all know the 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata is a truly wonderful car. It takes everything delightful about cars and driving and distills it into a compact and lightweight package. It's a car anyone can enjoy. My wife, who until recently has shown no real interest in sports cars beyond their design, wants one. I want one, too, but I couldn't get past the Miata's terrible seats. For 2018, there's finally an alternative.


A power increase was shown in a NHTSA filing

We're excited, even if we don't think more power is necessary.


Trick-roof RF increases by $355. Here's how models and prices compare.

It's even closer to a Miata Coupe than the earlier PRHT.


Heated Recaro seats are also an option now

The first 2018 models will arrive at dealers in December.


But you may want to assemble the bundle yourself.

Though the price seems more like the Miata comes with a Gran Turismo Sport game.

Long Term

Some parting thoughts about living with this little roadster.

So charming it changed an editor's opinion.


A few years ago, junkyard Miata sightings were very rare. Not today.

Good news for Miata racers and builders of race cars using Miata components!

Long Term

We've sampled each end of the Miata spectrum, and brought you a handy guide.


It's less expensive than that V8 swap you've considered.

Flyin' Miata is the sole US distributor.

Open Road

Which one, not based on a current economy model, is the best?


It'll make Miata purists drool until they see the pricetag.


We recap the recent crop of supercars and Mike advocates for the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

First Drive