A '70s F1 car and a first-gen Miata make an amazing lovechild

And it was all done during a Facebook Live session.

For no apparent reason, this artist asked what if Mazda built an MX-5-based F1 car? And what if it were from the 1970s, the glory days of James Hunt and Niki Lauda? Here's what it'd look like.

Look at it! Look at its adorable little eyes and the huge tires. And the intake! The rendering is by YasidDesign and was done live in front of Facebook followers in a Facebook Live session. It borrows heavily from 1970s F1 cars – it looks like a March 741 served as the basis for the open-wheel portion – and blends it effortlessly with MX-5 styling cues. It all came together in about 90 minutes.

Watching the process is remarkable, especially considering YasidDesign is doing the bulk of the work live while taking comments and advice from people on Facebook. Check out the video and YasidDesign's other works on his Facebook page.

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