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Junkyard Gem: 1969 Volkswagen Beetle Sedan

Yes, air-cooled Beetles still show up in the big U-Wrench car graveyards

Firefighters dissect Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

The muscle car was donated to the Dearborn Fire Department for training

Uganda's 'taxi divas' rise from COVID-19's economic gloom

It's uncommon to find women taxi drivers in socially conservative Uganda

Then it was another woman's turn in the exercise to prepare drivers for Uganda's new all-female ride-hailing service, Diva Taxi. The taxi service, dreamed up by a local woman who lost her logistics job at the start of the coronavirus outbreak, was launched in June and has recruited over 70 drivers. It's uncommon to find women taxi drivers in Uganda, a socially conservative East African country where most women labor on farms or pursue work in the informal sector.

Junkyard Gem: 1981 Mercedes-Benz 300SD with nearly 600k miles

If you want to find extreme-high-mile junkyard cars, look for diesel Mercedes-Benzes

Peugeot restores a 205 GTi for its 210th anniversary

Peugeot has been hoarding parts for over seven years

Ford F-Series, America's top-selling vehicle, is now the most stolen

Even car thieves are pivoting towards trucks instead of sedans

Los Angeles puts America's first robotic firefighting vehicle into service

Its 36-horsepower diesel engine gives it a 20-hour run time

Oregon state trooper helps fend off mama llama trauma

He kept the llama from running amok by ironically tying her to his car's bullbar

Drive-thru dominates even as dine-in restrictions ease

Americans would rather have food delivered to their cars

Comparable-store U.S. sales at McDonald's rose 4.6% in the three months ending in September, after a decline of 8.7% in the second quarter. At Domino's the same figure, from U.S. stores open at least a year, jumped 17.5%, topping the 16% growth in the previous quarter. In contrast, at overseas McDonald’s locations, where drive-thru windows are less common, same-store sales dipped compared with a year ago.

Selling flowers out of her VW Beetle helps Rio woman survive COVID-19

'I had no money at all to pay the rent, so I began to think what I could do to survive'

You can't miss the green 1969 Volkswagen Beetle parked at the corner, orchids and ferns crowding its open bonnet, sunflowers sticking out of windows, potted plants on the roof. Turning her car into a flower shop was Valcineia Machado's survival plan after her business collapsed in the COVID-19 pandemic, and she is has become a hit in Rio's Copacabana beach district. At 51, she has reinvented herself, moving from real estate to selling roses and other flower on a busy corner.

Junkyard Gem: 1996 Acura 3.5 RL, Rocky Mountain Rambler 500 Edition

The successor to the Acura Legend, found in Death Race-style livery in Denver

Junkyard Gem: 1979 Chevrolet Nova Coupe

The final model year for the rear-wheel-drive Chevy Nova

Virgin Hyperloop to build $500M test track in West Virginia

Virgin Hyperloop has picked the U.S. state of West Virginia to host a $500 million certification center and test track for billionaire Richard Branson's super high-speed travel system, the company told Reuters. Later, Branson announced the decision in a press conference on Thursday, joined virtually by U.S. Transportation Department Secretary Elaine Chao, the state's Republican governor Jim Justice, and U.S. Senators from West Virginia Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican, and Joe Manchin, a Demo

Subaru sets Guinness world record with Subiefest car parade

The most Subarus ever, stretching in a line two miles long

VW, Jeep and Cadillac top list of most-tattooed car brands

The most-tattooed car model is a Chevrolet, though

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