Before the advent of the power-folding hardtop NC or the newer MX-5 RF targa, you could buy a fiberglass hardtop to plop on your soft-top Miata. Expensive when new and rather rare, they command top dollar now. And moreover, Spec Miata racers have always sought them for use in that series.

Now, what's old is new again, sort of. Mazda Motorsports will sell a removable hardtop for $4,420, but there's a catch. You have to purchase a MX-5 Cup Global race car to order one.

A Mazda spokesperson confirmed to Autoblog that non-Cup racers won't be able to purchase a new hardtop for their ND – and furthermore, since it's oddly shaped to clear the rollcage, they might not want to. Second-hand, who knows? Even though it's pricey, it'd offer a different experience than you get from the sexy RF.

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