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Hybrid tech to headline Land Rover Discovery's mid-cycle update

48-volt tech is in the pipeline, and a plug-in system could arrive later

1990 Land Rover Discovery 2-Door | eBay Find of the Day

What has seating for 7 and just 2 doors? This SUV

What has seating for 7 and just 3 doors? This SUV.

Junkyard Gem: 1997 Land Rover Discovery XD

Another member of the rare-but-not-so-valuable junkyard club.

A screaming yellow first-year 1997 Land Rover Discovery XD in a Denver-area junkyard.

Land Rover cancels the 518-horsepower Discovery SVX

Hand-built SVO model was meant to launch SVX lineup

Hand-built SVO model was meant to launch SVX lineup.

Jaguar Land Rover opens new $1.6 billion factory in Slovakia

Country gets another car plant as Brexit helps push JLR out of England

Country gets another car plant as Brexit helps push JLR out of England.

Rover Land Rover, come on over!

JLR's Pet Pack dog-friendly accessories are coming to the U.S.

Who's a good boy? Up! Up! Good boy. Down. Good boy! Here's a treat.

Jamie Oliver's Land Rover Discovery is the ultimate cooking machine

It goes beyond just a fold-out counter and sink

There's a toaster in the center console.

Spy Shots
Land Rover Discovery caught unmasked

Fans of the Discovery Vision Concept won't be disappointed.

Spy Shots
2017 Land Rover Disco rocks out on public roads

LR4 Replacement Moves To Lightweight Platform

Land Rover will make the next-generation Discovery more like the Evoque, judging by these spy photos. More exciting, though, is the move to a weight-saving aluminum platform.

Land Rover augments off-road reality with amazing Transparent Bonnet tech

With very few exceptions, production off-road vehicles all mount their engine up in front. The trouble is that the hood can obstruct the view to the terrain ahead. Leave it to Land Rover, then, to come up with a novel solution.

Watch this Land Rover Discovery get its frame swapped in four minutes

Body-on-frame vehicles are becoming increasingly rare in the modern automotive landscape. The weight savings supplied by a monocoque chassis design have meant that framed cars basically only exist today in the world of pickup trucks and large SUVs. However, they do offer one huge advantage over unibodies – if necessary, the platform can be detached and replaced underneath the vehicle.

Land Rover promises Discovery Vision Concept for NY [w/video]

At the Geneva Motor Show barely a month ago, Land Rover began teasing its plan to launch a new Discovery (currently known as the LR4 in the US). Now it looks lik

Land Rover offers the Disco Pursuit

Land Rover will offer only 300 copies of its Discovery 3 Pursuit package in the UK at £30,000 (about $58,500). You can have one in any color you want as long as it's Java Black with a matching ebony leather interior.

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