Land Rover means business: launching commercial version of LR3

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This is only for the UK, which is kind of a shame. Some of us Autobloggers live in frozen regions where cargo vans fear to tread. Of course, we could pony up for a Quigley, but a Landie offers its stellar air suspension, storied capabilities, and more comfort. For commercial users, vans often make sense, but for those of us who aren't hauling furniture, the new Land Rover Discovery 3 Commercial sounds like it'd be just the ticket. The Disco, which we know in the US as the LR3, has had some fairy dust sprinkled on it in order to receive tax refunds offered to businesses by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

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There are two different Disco Commercials available, the Discovery 3 Commercial, and the Discovery 3 XS commercial. The rear seats come out, a bulkhead goes in, and a phenolic-lined load floor goes down. These changes have been requested of Land Rover dealers in the past, and many Land Rovers were converted by third parties. Now, with the commercial versions coming directly from the factory, quality and features will be consistent.

Another nice touch is the inclusion of a CO2 offset plan at purchase. The plan is administered by Climate Care, and during the first 45,000 miles of the vehicle's life, investments are made in various renewable energy, efficiency, and new technology projects that will offset the average amount of CO2 produced by the truck. Alas, since the Disco Commercial is UK-only, we won't be driving a full load of Autoblog gear back and forth in the coddling comfort of a Solihull interior. We'll be thinking about it though, as we pilot a relatively brutish (but just fine, thank you) rented cargo van down the highways and byways.


Gaydon, Warwickshire, 9 February 2007 – In response to high customer demand, Land Rover has announced that it is to launch a commercial derivative of the award-winning Discovery 3, which will go on sale on the 19 March 2007.

Since launch in 2004, the Discovery 3 has demonstrated a class-leading breadth of capability and accrued awards from all over the world. Now, it has been engineered with approval from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to gain N1 Light Commercial 4x4 Vehicle status. Business users will therefore be able to take advantage of the Benefit in Kind tax and full VAT reclaim associated with Light Commercial Vehicles.

There will be two derivatives available: the Discovery 3 Commercial and the Discovery 3 XS Commercial. Standard features include 2130 litres of loadspace with a full length phenolic floor, privacy glass, two-piece bulkhead, four corner air suspension and Terrain Response™.

"Since launch, our dealers have received a number of requests from customers for a commercial derivative, many of whom bought standard models and then converted them independently for their own commercial use," stated John Edwards, Land Rover UK managing director.

"The launch of the Discovery 3 Commercial means that for the first time, customers are now able to purchase a Land Rover approved Discovery 3 commercial vehicle, which benefits from the superior levels of ride, handling,

comfort and equipment offered by the standard Discovery 3. We believe the Discovery Commercial will further re-define the 4x4 commercial segment."

All Land Rover vehicles include a CO2 offset for the first 45,000 miles within the on-the-road price. Administered by Climate Care, an independent CO2 offset provider, the programme ensures that the average amount of CO2 produced by a Land Rover is offset by investments in a mixed portfolio of projects, including renewable energy, technology change and energy efficiency initiatives.

To book a test drive of the new Discovery 3 Commercial or for more information regarding the Land Rover range, please visit your local Land Rover dealership or log onto

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