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Fowke was able to drive the baby-blue Lotus straight home from the Baltimore dock in April of 1959.


As family members rallied around Michael Schumacher Monday, the extent of his injuries became clearer. French publication Paris Match reports that an unnamed doctor at the Grenoble, France, hospital has confirmed that the seven-time Formula One World Champion 1 is battling a number of "very serious problems" stemming from his weekend skiing accident sustained in the French Alps. First, Schumacher endured cerebral hemorrhaging that was repeatedly "flooding the brain coaxial lesions" and he has al

Today's video games are the most realistic ever, but our grand prize winner will take the experience to the next level with a Playseat Challenge Foldable Game Seat and the Logitech Driving Force GT. The Game Seat is adjustable for all sizes of players and collapses for easily storing out of the way. The Driving Force GT features advanced force feedback, paddle shifters and was even developed in conjunction with one of the designers of Gran Turismo.

When we first saw the Chamberlain Garage Power Station, we knew it belonged in our Holiday Giveaway. It combines an LED light, a PSI gauge, a power outlet and a 100 PSI inflator! Mount it in your garage for convenience like you've never known before. Retail value is $129. Good luck!

Over the past year, Autoblog has reviewed many racing games, but it's time for us to give them up. You can be the new owner of this year's library of reviewed racing titles including Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox One), Need for Speed: Rivals (Xbox 360), Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360), Grid 2 (Xbox 360), and Gran Turismo 6 (Playstation 3)! Estimated retail value is $350.

For the past several years Automoblox has been a part of our annual giveaway, and this year is no different. Today's lucky winner will get all three pieces in the Automoblox Emergency Line. Kids and adults will both enjoy playing with the interchangeable pieces of the fire, police and rescue vehicles. The three are valued at $140! Good luck!

To celebrate the holidays and another great year coming to a close, we like to give back to you, our readers, with an annual series of giveaways. For 2013, we have five giveaways that hopefully show just how much we appreciate you visiting our little corner of the Internet every day.

Two Wheels

At 7:48 a.m., Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese fighters began their aerial attack on US ships in Pearl Harbor. On the 72nd anniversary of that moment, Confederate Motorcycles revealed its newest bike, the C2 P-51 Fighter.


Actor Paul Walker, 40, died Saturday afternoon in a car crash that occurred in Santa Clarita, CA, north of Los Angeles. The death has been confirmed on Walker's own Facebook page with the following message:


Almost immediately after the final C6 Corvette rolled off the line in Bowling Green, Kentucky, demolition began on the factory floor. Since then, for both the safety of the public and secrecy about the Corvette Stingray, Chevrolet has placed public tours of the plant on hold.


Nissan's Datsun nameplate revival will begin with two models bound for the Indian market. Nissan has released sketches of a five-door hatchback based on the Micra (codenamed K2) and a top-down view of a hood that could potentially be from a sedan.


In May of 1903, Buick began work on its first vehicle, the 1904 Model B, the first example of which was sold to a doctor in Flint, Michigan. That first sale was appropriate since later on, Buick became known as a "doctor's car." The Model B is the first of 11 cars chosen by Buick to highlight each decade of the company's 110-year history.


Oh, Fiat. You're so witty and attractive and... environmentally sexy? That's the idea put forward by the automaker's latest 500e marketing campaign, which is centered around the company's "dating" site, EnvironmentallySexy.com.


Every year in the Goldrush Rally, a convoy of high-end luxury cars snake across the States, their occupants enjoying all the opulence their $14,000 entry fees can afford. As our own Michael Harley can attest, it's a low-speed affair, not an all-out speed-fest.


The last time we heard about Dutch supercar upstart Vencer was a little more than a year ago when it announced it would call its one offering Sarthe. Vencer says the Sarthe will be officially unveiled to the UK in early September at London's Salon Privé.


New Orleans has great charm, awesome parties and some of the best food in the nation. We highly recommend a visit. And if you want to add some automotive flavor to your trip, this converted 1918 Sinclair gas station would certainly do the trick.


This week Ford rolled out the 2014 Transit Courier, the fourth addition to its Transit range. Ford says its the first time for the nameplate in the compact van segment.


While many car shoppers say safety is a big factor in their choice of new car, there hasn't been an easy to way to access data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The government agency's website is clunky at best, and close to unusable on mobile devices.


Look beneath the seats of a Honda Odyssey and you'll likely find a handful of that iconic loop cereal loved by toddlers nationwide. And to show that Honda understands its minivan's target market, it is using the breakfast staple to announce its plans to reveal the updated 2014 model at next week's New York Auto Show. While the announcement is creative, it unfortunately lacks much in the way of information, leaving us with little more than a vague teaser alluding to "some innovative new features.

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