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What has seating for 7 and just 2 doors? This SUV

1990 Land Rover Discovery
1990 Land Rover Discovery / Image Credit: eBay / brbab-50
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Once upon a time, many SUVs had two-door variants. It's hard to believe in this age of five-door "coupes," but it's true. And we're not just talking about Jeeps and Fords and other truck-like SUVs; even more luxurious vehicles like this 1990 Land Rover Discovery got versions with fewer doors.

Now this Discovery may come as a surprise to you, and to those around you if you bring it home, since the two-door model was never sold in the U.S. And in fact, this model predates the U.S. models by a few years. Despite the lack of rear passenger doors, the two-door Discovery isn't really shorter or less practical than the four-door variant. This still has a full three-seat rear bench, plus two side-facing jump seats in the cargo area.

The seller says that before he imported it from England, it had only two owners, and that it has little rust and fully functioning electrics. It's clearly an entry-level model considering the unadorned exterior, plain wheels, and plasticky interior. But it does generally look clean. Under the hood is a diesel four-cylinder that should be good for about 111 horsepower. That's not much, but you'll be able to make the most of it with the five-speed manual transmission. If this seems like the optimum oddball off-roader for you, the seller is asking $12,000, but is also open to offers.

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