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Now your mildly spicy Civic Sport can be a true hot hatch.

This new teaser video shows what the Type R is about.

A simple, elegant, but more importantly an unexpected solution.

Oh, and a CR-V

Yes. Everyone had at least one awkward yearbook photo.

This people hauler has an app for everything. And sliding seats.

Honda's Riding Assist Motorcycle uses robotics technology for self-leveling capabilities, meaning the bike can balance itself without gyroscopes.

We did a lot of neat stuff in 2016, and a lot of it was caught on video. Check out our favorite drives, experiences, and episodes from our original series that we selected from 2016's best.

We take a highly caffeinated look at the similarities and differences between the top and bottom Civic coupe options.

Out of the 11 trucks that were tested, only one has "good" headlights.

This historic car is headed for Honda's museum.

Over 11,000 miles with 110 cc of fury underneath him.

Hero of the year, or what?

The little mobility chair can be more than a Segway you sit on.

A simple car wash turned ugly for a Louisiana man when he was jumped by carjackers while washing his car.

You're not looking too bad for middle age.

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