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2018 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Tahoe, Toyota Sequoia and Nissan Armada

We threw in the Chevy Traverse too, because, well, it's enormous.

Spy Shots

It looks much more sleek than the current model.

We should see the new truck soon.


"General Motors believes in an all-electric future."

"General Motors believes in an all-electric future."


Let us know what you think!

Big diesels have their benefits, but perhaps fuel mileage isn't one of them.

Spy Shots

It's shaping up to be another down month industrywide.

Automotive sales figures for August 2017 are starting to be reported.


Contrary to popular belief, Burt Reynolds did not drive black and gold Firebirds in all of his films.

Eight of the greatest cars Burt Reynolds has driven in movies that aren't the iconic Smokey and the Bandit.


The business school at American University determined the cars that most fit the description "made in America."


The lawsuit targets more than 705,000 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks with Duramax engines from 2011 to 2016 model years.


And a 10-speed automatic transmission ought to improve efficiency.

Chrome. Lots and lots of chrome.

Open Road

The 2017 GMC Yukon XL Denali has road presence and supreme luxury to boot that will make even the most mundane daily commute something to look forward to.


James Riswick joins us to discuss the many new cars he's driven, we rant about a VW ad, and then it's time to spend your money.


On average, NHTSA records 26.8 complaints per 10,000 vehicles sold.

Everybody complains, and a lot of the time, those complaints are about our cars. Here are the cars that get the most, and the least, safety complaints.


It's less likely the decision itself was made for those reasons, but the free PR boost is a nice bonus.

GM's 'professional grade' truck and SUV specialist continues to deliver its utility-with-luxury vibe, optimized in the all-new Acadia.

First Drive

The new Duramax makes good use of air in the heavy duty wars.