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The crosshair logo makes a blurry appearance

It could include some minor performance upgrades.


Three cheers for horsepower!

So, you say you like horsepower?


"We are coming back to Formula 1," he said, "and we need the 4C to be our halo car."

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It has screens, toggles, and the center console even gets a cupholder.

Probably no more shifting the PDK with the lever.


Wait, Australia wasn't already getting the Camaro?

Consider it a consolation for the death of the rear-drive Commodore.

First Drive

A strong contender for our favorite modern Mercedes-Benz.

The 12-cylinder S65 Cabriolet is a stately boulevardier, a cavalier cruiser, meant to dominate via the sheer prodigiousness of output.


It also gets big brakes and tires

You can reserve one for $1,000.


Koenigsegg posts POV video of record run on a Nevada highway.


It's coming in a few years

The specifications and timeline match a previous report.


The most interesting cars from an interesting motor show.

The 2017 Dubai Motor Show may have been headlined by the 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1, but it wasn't the only mega powerful supercar on hand.


It's a car, it's a living room, it's a dining room, it gives foot massages.

Chris Bangle's highly unusual REDS electric car aims at young, affluent Chinese looking for a "fourth space."

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A user on Mustang6G.com spotted the car.

The car does look like a Bullitt Mustang.

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This is our best look yet at the luxury coupe

It's a lean, lanky luxury coupe.


The ATS-V version is actually a small bargain

The CTS-V isn't a bargain.