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2019 Acura NSX gets a refresh and an eye-catching new color

Acura pulled off the wraps at The Quail

Acura pulled off the wraps at The Quail.

Auto sales winners and losers of April 2018

A rugged American success and a techy Japanese disappointment

We take a close look at the sales numbers and pick out the biggest successes and disappointments of April 2018. Here are the highlights and lowlights.

Acura NSX roadster finally on its way this year?

Maybe in the Marvel Universe, but unlikely in the real world

Autobild put together a slideshow forecasting various convertibles due to arrive from 2018 to 2023. The long-prophesied Acura NSX Roadster graced the first slide, reportedly prepped for market launch later this year at a price of 200,000 euros. That's about 13,000 euros more spendy than the hardtop, a relative bargain. Don't call your Goldman private banker yet, though — that Autobild slide is likely as close as any of us will get to said roadster this year.

10 worst-selling cars of 2017

Some may surprise you ... others probably won't

We countdown the 10 worst-selling cars of 2017, including only 2017 and 2018 model-year cars for sale during the entire calendar year.

Acura NSX ScienceofSpeed Dream Project brings another wing to SEMA

Lower stance, higher power.

Acura hits SEMA this year with the NSX Dream Project, worked up by ScienceofSpeed.

Clarion Builds' 1991 Acura NSX going up for auction at Barrett-Jackson

The proceeds will go to the American Red Cross.

This is a highly modified and restored car.

Watch two Acura NSXs scorch the Nurburgring

Why test the cars now, when they've been on sale for a while now? Could a performance variant be on the way?

Buy a new NSX and you can put the badges on as it rolls off the line in Ohio

A new program lets NSX buyers tour the factory and lend a hand.

Packages start at $2,700.

2017 Acura NSX | 2017 Autoblog Technology of the Year Finalist

Better living through sport hybrid.

Technology that makes a car faster and more friendly.

Why Acura should build a hybrid Integra successor using NSX tech

It could be called RSX again, or ILX Sport, or all sorts of things.

12 cars you can legally import to the US in 2017

Here are some cool cars that qualify for the 25-year importation rule in 2017.

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