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The alliance takes a joint approach to technical and regulatory hurdles.


Spy shots show Mercedes' flagship looking more dapper than ever.

The luxury sedan is set to get a facelift because, you know, it needs more LED lights.


A man in Illinois was gifted a car he had been dreaming about for decades last week, even though he won't be able to drive it himself.


New convertible mixes C-Class with the S-Class.


Instead of AMG Lite, think of the 2017 E43 as the new performance norm and the forthcoming E63 as the overachiever.


There's something to this idea, beyond the buzzwords

Mercedes imagines the van as a mobile distribution center.


A first-year example of the legendary R107, now discarded.

A 1972 350SL in great condition is worth pretty good money these days. The cost of restoration of one that's not so nice, however, is so high that cars like this get sent to the crusher.


A full redesign is coming for 2018

Prototype dumps the boxy look and goes on a diet.


A Virginia woman mistook a standard new car test drive for a demolition derby when she destroyed six brand new Benzes, including the one she was driving, in a dealership parking lot.


If you want to see it, you'd better head to Pebble Beach.

It's over 18 feet long and produces 738 horsepower.


The great equalizer among combustionless vehicles?

Mercedes prepares to tackle the premium electric vehicle market with a new name.


Two SUVs and two sedans are coming soon.


Mercedes-Benz’s diesels are still delayed.

It took some extra testing, but they have a clean bill of health.


Next-gen Sprinter may also have autonomous-driving features.

Daimler division could have an electric vehicle of the Sprinter available within two years.


The prototype is taller, buffer, and tougher to take on the Audi Allroad idea


The move comes after safety advocates called it misleading.


Is that really a bad thing?

The G-Wagen is spied testing in full camouflage. While it looks similar, there are some big changes underneath. The new SUV is going to be both bigger and lighter.


Every Ferrari and a few Mercedes cars and vans are implicated.

The affected vehicles will be recalled by the end of 2018.


Luxurious golf car is good for 19 mph.

With help from Garia, Mercedes-Benz has now stamped its badge onto a sports-car inspired golf cart.


German engineers and Japan's brashest stylists concoct a tall hatchback.

Outside, this sharply-creased Infiniti hatchback claims to be a CUV. Underneath, the new QX30 is mostly Mercedes-Benz.

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