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We're still waiting for the Jeep special edition version of a special edition.

No one does special editions like Jeep.


At least according to these renderings. And that's okay with us.

The new generation sticks to the script for style.


Tom Selleck would approve.

And if you don't have a Jeep to put the mustache on, Jeep is running a contest to win a new Renegade.


A motorized mash-up meant for mud and more.


Another, smaller recall focuses on fleets.

There are no injuries/fatalities associated with the Jeep recall, and just one "potentially related injury" in the truck/police car recall.


A familiar look for sure, but with modern updates.

10 parts-bin specials we think automakers should build.

We've compiled a list of ten cars that could easily be made into factory hot rods with just a little effort from the automaker.


All-new pickup reigns supreme in the Lone Star State.


In theory. CEO Mike Manley says there's no ceiling on how high Jeep could go.

If Jeep wants to compete agains the Range Rover and its ilk, it's going to need to push into a price bracket no brand from Auburn Hills has ever approached.


It debuts in Brazil but will have a more formal reveal in LA.

Say goodbye to the Compatriot twins, and hello to the all-new Compass.


Undisguised SUV spotted in Brazil.

New SUV has a European touch and an upscale look.


A Florida family is out a Jeep Cherokee and a brand new cell phone after a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 left on a charger allegedly burst into flames on Monday and destroyed both itself and the Jeep.


The latest news, driving impressions of the Porsche Panamera Turbo and GMC Acadia, and Mike has a rant about sexism.


Changes to begin later this year.

Sorry, but the Viper is still dead.

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