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Indoor navigation is also on the way to Apple Maps.

The FAA granted Apple approval to operate commercial drones earlier this year.


Holiday deals for car enthusiasts.

The best deals this holiday season.


It's the best (or worst) alarm in the world.

Simply set your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot to The Grand Tour setting.


The BMW Motorrad-approved model commemorates 40 years of Lego Technic models.


The arms race between car companies and spy photographers heats up in the era of drones.


It involves touch sensors, so you may want to stock up on Windex.


Charge your car without having to attach jumper cables to another vehicle

This is an essential for any car owner.


This essential accessory lets you access and charge your phone while keeping your eyes on the road.

The Montar Air Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount should be in every car owner's vehicle.


The FIXD Active Car Health Monitor tells you when something is wrong with your vehicle—and how to fix it, too.

This compact device keeps tabs on your car's health, so you don't have to.


How about a hoverboard that follows you around and carries all your stuff?

These clever features probably won't be available anytime soon, but they're still cool and - even cooler - grounded in reality.


Be prepared for any crash with the T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool, as featured on The Today Show.

This all-in-one gadget is essential for any car owner.


Forget about video games, this is how you race against a computer in real life.


Who wouldn't want to clean with lasers?

Unfortunately, technology like this doesn't come cheap.

Sometimes, the quest for greater minivan practicality leads to some pretty innovative features. Here are five of the best for 2016.


Alexa can tell you the news, and now it can set the climate control in your Genesis.


Kickstarter’s most funded bag ever is now 70 percent off.

This travel set features a premium duffel guaranteed to keep your belongings in order when you're on the road, plus an additional travel kit.


Protect yourself with recorded video from the DashCam car camera, now 73% off with free shipping included.

Accidents happen. With this dashboard camera, you'll be protected when they do.


Whether you're a stormtrooper or rebel scum, you'll love this bike.


Google Maps' multi-stop feature to the iOS app makes it easy to plan for road trips or even for a dreary day of running errands.


The game will launch along side the new Sony platform in October.


The Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount lets you use your phone hands-free, and is now 73 percent off with free shipping.

Here's an easy way to keep your phone or GPS device out of your lap and in your line of sight. You'll eliminate distractions, avoid breaking the law, and prevent costly accidents in one fell swoop.

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