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Not all of the Enhanced Autopilot features will necessarily be active right away.


Imagine near-supersonic travel from Bratislava to Brno, or from Seoul to Busan.

HTT wants to create an international connection, but Korea wants to develop hyperloop first.


We see what Ford, Toyota, and Faraday Future brought to the show.

On this Translogic, we take the Consumer Electronics Show by storm.


The best Hyundai thing at CES was also the most overlooked.

I really want to ride this thing.


New research recommends truly driverless, highly autonomous cars.

For whatever reason, car companies keep trying to reinvent the automatic shifter. The classic PRNDL has given way to dials, buttons, and stalks.


Suffice it to say, opinions are divided.

There's a lot to be skeptical about.


The original Mario Kart 8 was the WiiU's best-selling game.

Look for new maps, new characters, and new game modes.


This ain't your daddy's Caddy.

A new version of The Beast is on the way, and it might make it in time for inauguration day.


The future is now.

Your phone, home, and car will all be connected in the Internet of Things.


Hint: It's no longer completely free.

Everyone gets 400 kWh to start, and then you have to pay per kWh or per minute.


Partner OSVehicle makes the Tabby EV base.

Renault says it's the first mass-market automaker to make its electric-vehicle technology open-sourced.


Tesla connects Melbourne to Brisbane.

Waymo makes a cheaper lidar suite. Tesla connects Melbourne to Brisbane with Superchargers. Senators get RFS assurance from Trump's EPA pick.


Goodyear gathers data from Tesloop; Vulog offers turnkey carsharing.

How many launches does your Tesla have left? ChargePoint Express Plus boosts charging to 400 kW. Tesloop offers tire data to Goodyear. Vulog looks to expand turnkey carsharing.


Plus, a crazy-looking AMG Performance Studio Package for those who want to stand out.


After a very long first generation, GMC finally has a new compact crossover. And not a moment too soon.


The grilles are all new, but what's behind them is more interesting.

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