What is the 2024 Dodge Charger's Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust?

We share details about the artificial exhaust sound of the electric Charger

One of the unique and prominently featured pieces of equipment on the 2024 Dodge Charger, right from the concept's reveal, was the Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust. It was clearly some sort of artificial exhaust system with a slightly goofy name that combined the name of the Dodge's old badge, the Fratzog, with sonic. It's a portmanteau that would be perfectly at home on a Dodge product from 60 years ago. But of course, its purpose is very 21st century, bringing sound to a fairly silent car. Now that the production model has been revealed, we have more information about what the "exhaust" actually is and how it works, and how it will be implemented.

As it turns out, despite the flashy name, the Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust is quite a bit less wild than you might imagine. It's basically a speaker driver with a tuned box and dual "passive radiators," which are sort of like speakers but without the driver part. By combining these pieces and tuning them just right, though, Dodge claims that the "exhaust" of the Charger Daytona reaches the same decibel level as Dodge's Hellcat models.

Dodge isn't just playing old Hellcat noises out the back of the Daytona, though. Instead, it has created some unique sounds for the car. Dodge's engineers apparently tried to introduce some familiarity, with certain beats that match the "cadence" of a V8, but they are unique sounds for the unique powertrain. There are multiple sounds for each vehicle, with the volume and tone varying based on the drive mode selected. Dodge representatives also confirmed that you will be able to "rev" the Charger Daytona when at a stop, adding to the old-school performance feeling.

If you didn't like the sound presented at the concept's reveal, we have some good news: that sound won't be used. We actually don't know the exact soundtrack for these cars, as those have not been finalized at the time of the reveal. Additionally, if you don't like any of the sounds, you can switch off the Fratzonic Exhaust completely to enjoy the car's natural quietness.

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