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Uber's board is expected to vote on a new CEO within two weeks.

When sensing it's about to hit a pedestrian, the car would change the rigidity of its body panels, bumpers and the hood using underlying cables, rods or springs.

A new study found a significant change in behavior when the services left Austin last year.

It grows when those services disappear.

Know how your iPhone starts playing music alphabetically when you plug it in to many car stereos?

It's ahead of tunes by artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kesha, Selena Gomez, The Chainsmokers and a number of other popular, well-established acts.

Musk has suddenly decided to reverse course and begin working on his own Hyperloop platform.

This is good news for advocates of Seattle's Uber unionization law.

Will the car sit idly by while you go through Border Patrol questioning?

Disability Rights Activists say that Uber is 99.9% inaccessible to people with mobility disabilities.

He dangles a lure before the nation's governors.

Elon Musk dangles the idea in front of the nation's governors.

Fox Sports for sure - and YouTube is a solid maybe.

The company has announced that on May 12 it completed its first full-scale test.

It will be adding 100 new service centers.

The folks behind the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) are under investigation for alleged illegal fundraising.

The researchers call their software ORide for "Oblivious Ride".

"When it's in the air it actually looks like it's further away, then it lands and it looks closer."

This is the first North American in-home trial of HSR, the Human Support Robot.

It's a surprise it's taken this long to reach the aftermarket.

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