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Tesla sets up China site to store data locally

This comes as China addresses security concerns

Amazon announces Ring car security devices and a drone that patrols inside your house

Also spherical Echo Dots and the new Amazon Luna game streaming service

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Looking for a great car alarm? Here are 4 of our favorites

Don't leave your vehicle unprotected

Don't leave your vehicle unprotected.

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VanMoof's Electrified X cured my fear of bike thieves

Smart security features have given me peace of mind

Smart security features have given me peace of mind.

The era of the over-the-air-updates is really, finally Here

OTA Connect will help add new features to existing cars

Like the weather, everyone talks about over-the-air (OTA) software updates for cars, but no one really does much about it, except for Tesla. Until now. Starting today, Here, the company known for its automotive mapping services, hopes to change this and help keep car electronics current with its new OTA Connect services.

Tesla: Workplace safety, unions and the color yellow

Someone’s been too busy playing with flamethrowers

Tesla's troubles with media reports on working conditions and union organizing took a hard right turn on Monday. In response to Reveal's Engadget

Porsche to offer GPS-based security system for classic models

Every car from the 356 to the Carrera GT.

The system only works in Europe.

Seatylock Bicycle Lock | Autoblog Minute

The Seatylock is a bicycle saddle that transforms into a solid lock. Making sure riders to never leave home without there lock. Transforms from lock to seat in 10 seconds.

Knightscope Heads to New York | Autoblog Minute

The Silicon Valley startup Knightscope went to New York to launch their Mini-IPO.

Prius owner gets medieval to stop mirror thieves

Sometimes you have to go medieval on your car.

Dump trucks filled with sand will guard New Year's Eve revelers in NYC

65 trucks, each weighing 32 tons, should give wannabe terrorists pause.

The heavy objects are meant to act as a deterrent to anyone planning an attack like the one in Berlin.

Russia successfully tested a missile that could cripple US satellites

Experts say this should be a wake-up call to protect America's space infrastructure.

Russia claims its new anti-satellite weapon is only for defensive purposes against incoming enemy weapons.

BMW thwarts car thief by remotely locking him in a 5 series

Bad boys, whatcha gonna do when BMW comes for you?

Panel: the good, the bad, the ugly of connected cars | UPSHIFT 2016

In this panel, we'll debate the pros and cons of connected vehicles and investigate the less discussed side of the future of our cars.

Anatrope cybersecurity CEO Tiffany Rad to speak at UPSHIFT2016

White hat hacker Tiffany Rad joins UPSHIFT 2016.

Self-driving cars can be fooled by fake signals

You'd think that self-driving cars would be most vulnerable to remote hacks, but the biggest danger may come from someone nearby with a handful of cheap electronics.

How the human eye could soon replace ignition switches [w/video]

One Company Brings Iris Identification To The Auto Industry

Someday soon, drivers may start cars with a scan of their eyes instead of the turn of a key. EyeLock, a New York company that manufactures biometric equipment, is developing a camera-based system that identifies drivers through a scanner installed in visors or rear-view mirrors.

CCTV footage shows Red Bull trophy heist going down

Security camera footage surfaces more than a month after the incident, showing thieves driving into the lobby of Red Bull Racing headquarters in the UK and making off with the team's hard-earned trophies.

Risk Of Cyber Threats Increase As Cars Add Active Controls

New research suggests features like collision prevention make vehicles more susceptible

Features in many new cars that are widely seen as the first steps toward a self-driving future may also making cars more susceptible to cyber crime, according to a recent study.

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