Panel: the good, the bad, the ugly of connected cars | UPSHIFT 2016

Smarter. Safer. More Efficient. The promise of connected cars. But what about the increase of hackers and data security concerns? In this panel, we'll debate the pros and cons of connected vehicles and investigate the less discussed side of the future of our cars.

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Tiffany Rad
BS, MBA, JD is the CEO and founder of Anatrope which develops wireless automotive technologies for the cyber security and data analytics industries.

Eric Evenchick currently runs Linklayer Labs, a company focused on building open source hardware tools for security analysis of embedded systems. In the past, Eric held the role of Security Architect at Faraday Future, working on developing security solutions for a new, highly connected vehicle.

Kevin Baltes was named Director and CISO, Product Cybersecurity, for General Motors Company effective. April 1st, 2015. This role was expanded from his most recent position as Senior Manager, Product Cybersecurity.

Rob "Deker" Dekelbaum has worked in Information Security for over 20 years in roles ranging from systems administrator, developer, program manager, hacker, and consultant.

Casey Ellis As CEO and founder of Bugcrowd, Casey Ellis brings over 14 years of information security experience to lead the company's technology vision and strategic operation.

Full bios can be found here.
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