We're excited to welcome Tiffany Rad to the panel at this year's UPSHIFT conference on October 6th in Detroit, Michigan. Rad is the CEO and Founder of Anatrope, which develops wireless automotive technologies for the cybersecurity and data analytics industries. Founded in 2015, Anatrope builds sensors used in geo-fencing, fleet management, and fee collection.

Before founding Anatrope, Rad was a lawyer and a white hat hacker on the side. Her hacking hobby led to an opportunity to present a paper on cybersecurity at the Hackers on Planet Earth conference in NYC. After turning pro, she spent over a year as Manager of Operational Security for Embedded Systems at Cisco helping to find and repair flaws in their security systems before founding her own company. She is also on the Society of Automotive Engineers and regularly speaks at cybersecurity events.

Her research isn't just for automotive security nerds. Her independent research was featured in 2013 in the Discovery Channel's documentary "The Real Story: Live Free or Die Hard," based on the movie "Live Free or Die Hard." Her research was also featured on the USA series, "Mr. Robot," in the Season One episode titled "Brave Traveler."

Rad will join other luminaries from technology and transportation fields in Detroit on October 6th. Extra early bird tickets are still available. Remember that students and recent grads can also apply for free tickets. Check out our event page and don't forget to RSVP on Facebook as well. We hope to see you there.

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