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Prius owner gets medieval to stop mirror thieves

Somewhere in the hinterlands of Mother Russia, it seems that the wing mirrors on second-generation Priuses are a common target of thieves. As if that wasn't weird enough, one fed-up Russian Prius owner's solution to this problem is even more bizarre - mirror armor.

The YouTube site Tiny Surprises, which seems to be run by some Kinder Surprise loving Russian kids, posted a video this week documenting a strange rash of Prius mirror thefts in their neck of the woods. Set to an extremely strange soundtrack, the first half of the video is footage from a surveillance camera showing a miscreant sidling up to a parked Prius and making off with the car's driver's side mirror. The second half of the video show's one Prius owner's desperate attempt to keep his mirrors in place.

Presumably fed up with replacing his mirrors, our unnamed hero bent and welded a pair of rough-looking sheet metal cages that completely enclose each mirror. Then he tacked on some loops on to the cages and attached some lengths of braided steel cable to them. He passed one cable up over the A-pillars and across the windshield, and another one under the car through the front wheel wells. A third went under the car through the rear wheel wells. The whole contraption secured with a large padlock on the passenger mirror.

Will it hold? Probably. By the looks of it, our man's homemade anti-theft system wouldn't stand up to a determined thief with a pair of bolt cutters. He still has both his mirrors though, so that suggests that it's good enough to preserve the mirrors from bored or drunk passersby.

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