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Porsche to offer GPS-based security system for classic models

Every car from the 356 to the Carrera GT.

Few things are worse than walking outside to find your car isn't where you left it. That sinking feeling in your gut only grows worse as you try to think of any possible reason it may be gone. Simply put, having your car stolen sucks, especially if it's an irreplaceable classic. Porsche is here to help ease some of those worries with its upcoming Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System an automatic GPS based anti-theft system for every model from the Porsche 356 forward.

Porsche is developing a system that fits discretely on various points on the vehicle. Initially, an alarm will sound if the system thinks the vehicle is being stolen. If the battery is disconnected, the system will send an alert to both the customer and a security center. If the customer confirms that it was unauthorized, the security center will report it to the police. The GPS sensor will show the current location and direction of the car. The system can even wirelessly prevent the engine from being restarted. The security center (instead of the police) will remain in contact with the customer to help prevent a language barrier from being an issue.

That last part is particularly important as the system will only be available in Europe. Starting in spring of 2018, the system will be available for purchase from Porsche Classic Partners and Porsche Centers across Europe. The system will fit any model from the 356 to the Carrera GT. On the 356, a converter will allow the 12-volt system to work with the car's 6-volt setup.

Depending on the country, the system's phone app will allow customers to see the location of their car in real time. They'll also be able to set up a geofence to prevent other drivers from going outside predetermined limits. There are also "workshop" and "transport" modes that deactivate some of the features to prevent the alarm going off when getting maintenance or being moved on a truck.

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