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Man clings to hood at 70 mph in latest road rage incident

Things are getting testy out there

Things are getting testy out there.

Leaping lemur surprises Florida trooper during DUI arrest

Miko bites, suspect told trooper

Miko bites, suspect told trooper

Uber driver arrested with fake badge, loaded gun

Passengers say he used siren, flashing lights.

He's being charged with impersonating a police officer.

Police: Trucker on drugs drives coast-to-coast in one sitting

He'd used cocaine, LSD, meth, officers say.

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

VW executive arrested for role in diesel emissions scandal

Oliver Schmidt originally claimed there was a technical problem with testing.

He is expected to face charges in Detroit.

Cops shocked as drunk driver blows through fatal DWI scene

Albuquerque Police officers working a fatal DWI incident caught a second DWI driver when he blew through police barricades.

Russian lawyer eats breathalyzer report to save client

A lawyer in Central Russia recently went above and beyond the call of duty for his client when he destroyed evidence in a DUI case by eating it.

Pediatrician leaves her young children in hot car

A Californian pediatrician was caught leaving her young children for hours in a car while she treated patients.

Buggy driver who terrorized San Diego facing 26 misdemeanors

Charges include nine counts of reckless driving.

The dune buggy driver that ran wild across San Diego as part of a viral video has been hit with 26 misdemeanors. He calls it a "small bump in the road."

Bar turns bathrooms into jail cells in an effort to curb drunk driving

A bar in Salt Lake City transformed its bathrooms into jail cells in an effort to curb drunk driving amongst its patrons last week.

Chewbacca arrested for driving Darth Vadar to polls in Ukraine

A man wearing a Chewbacca costume was arrested at a polling place in Odessa, Ukraine yesterday for failing to provide the proper identification to vote.

Dash cam shows cops pulling gun on couple during traffic stop

Footage released this week of a traffic stop in Indiana shows police throwing a man to the ground, pointing a gun at a woman in labor, and scheming to delete the video evidence of their dangerously mismanaged traffic stop.

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Cop refused to let local business man off the hook for DUI

Now He Might Lose His Job

A routine traffic stop and arrest in March turned into a lesson in small town politics for a police force in Oklahoma.

Watch a traffic stop turn into a marriage proposal

For many people being pulled over by the police is among the most stressful situations possible and would be one of the worst times for a marriage proposal. But that was exactly what Matt Van Vliet did to his girlfriend, Samantha Labo.

Nissan Leaf electricity thief called a liar, 'argumentative,' by local police

The plot thickens. The plot of the tale of Nissan Leaf driver Kaveh Kamooneh, of Dekalb, GA, and his arrest for charging his EV at an outlet by a public school, that is.

Nissan Leaf driver goes to jail for 'stealing' 5 cents worth of electricity

It is illegal to plug your cell phone into an available outlet on public property? It is illegal to do so with an electric car? In Georgia it is, apparently.

Ferrari 458 driver runs over cop's foot, jailarity ensues

If you've been part of the Autoblog family for any amount of time, you'll know we post some videos showcasing outrageous behavior. Still, it's been a while since we came across actions as willfully brainless as those in this video.

Investigation launched over biker arrest by Dallas deputy

Motorcyclist Chris Moore was riding on a Dallas, Texas freeway among a group riders out for Memorial Day. Moore was wearing a helmet camera which was capturing not just other riders, but a healthy police presence around the motorcade. The following patrol cars could be explained by stories that during the Memorial Day ride last year riders got so rowdy that they shut down the entire freeway.

Alabama strikes again: Second foreign autoworker has run-in with police

Something tells us this isn't what the Alabama legislature had in mind when it created a new anti-illegal immigration law. A Honda worker on temporary assignment in Alabama was recently ticketed in Talladega County at a checkpoint for not having an Alabama driver's license. The individual provided both a Japanese passport and an international driver's license, but still caught flak from local authorit

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