Buggy driver who terrorized San Diego facing 26 misdemeanors

Charges include nine counts of reckless driving.

Remember the nitwit that attempted to turn San Diego into his own personal vehicular playground in late January? Yeah, the cops are officially going after him.

Blake Wilkey, the driver of the monstered-out Volkswagen Beetle buggy, posted a copy of his arrest warrant on Instagram, confirming that he was being charged with 26 misdemeanors for his actions in the so-called Urban Assault video. His charges consist of nine counts of conspiring to commit a crime, nine counts of reckless driving, and eight counts of engaging in a motor vehicle exhibition of speed. Here's what all this means.

According to legal site, a driver "can face fines of several thousand dollars, a jail sentence of up to 90 days, their car impounded for up to 30 days, and have their license suspended for a month" for their first count of reckless driving. A second or third violation "can result in a mandatory license suspension for a year and up to 6 months in jail." As a reminder, Wilkey has nine counts of reckless driving, on top of his other 17 charges.

You can check out Wilkey's Instagram posting below. Wilkey calls this "a small bump in the road," but we're betting his disposition won't be so sunny when he finds out he'll be riding a bus for the next several years. Wilkey faces a judge on Monday, March 14.

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