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Police: Trucker on drugs drives coast-to-coast in one sitting

He'd used cocaine, LSD, meth, officers say.

Police in northwestern Massachusetts arrested a long-haul trucker this week after he allegedly got all coked up and drove cross-country without stopping.

According to The Recorder, officers in Deerfield, Mass., responded to a call from a local Circle K store about a truck driver behaving erratically in the parking lot.

"The Circle K Employee noticed something was up, that wasn't normal. He was running around the parking lot and was confrontational," Deerfield police Officer Adam Sokoloski told The Recorder. Police say they discovered Gary Robbins, a trucker from Homer, Alaska, running amok outside the Circle K. He had locked himself out of the truck, officer said, had stuffed his credit cards into one of the truck's fuel tanks and was somehow attempting to get into the truck through the little space between the cab and the trailer.

After a short conversation in which Robbins was clearly high and combative, DPD
Sgt. Harry Ruddock III said, the officer discovered that the driver had just driven straight through from Seattle to Deerfield fueled by a mix of cocaine, LSD, and crystal meth. Responding officers arrested Robbins and took him to a nearby hospital. He was charged with numerous drug and motor-vehicle violations, his license revoked and the truck impounded.

This isn't the first dangerously impaired trucker we've seen recently. Back in December 2016, we reported on this guy that fell out of his truck with a handle of vodka and blew three times the legal limit in Minnesota.

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