Pediatrician leaves her young children in hot car

A pediatrician in California was caught leaving her young children alone for hours in a car while she treated patients last week. Now police are investigating after discovering that leaving the kids alone in the car wasn't even the most irresponsible thing this doctor has done.

Sergeant Gary Carruesco of the Bakersfield Police Department told ABC23 that a two-year-old boy an 9-month old girl were left alone in the minivan for one to four hours in the parking lot of an office park. Dr. Christie Yee saw patients and went to a doctor's appointment for herself while her infant and toddler sweated in the car. Someone heard crying from the vehicle and called 911. Police arrested Yee and charged her with two counts of felony child endangerment. Yee was later released on bond. Her husband, Thomas Pham, admitted that his wife had left the children in the car before.

Police did a home check before releasing the children to Pham's care, and found an environment so filthy that they felt it was unsafe to return the children to their parents. The report says officers found moldy food in the refrigerator and piles of trash in the residence.

Everyone, by now, should know that leaving kids in a car alone is a dangerous move. A pediatrician of all people would be the first to tell new parents that, on average, 38 children die every year after being left in hot cars. Children's bodies are not as efficient as adult's at cooling down and cars can heat up very quickly, even on cloudy or cool days. The National Highway Traffic Administration says that a can can reach dangerous temperatures after only 10 minutes in low 80 degree heat.

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