A lawyer in Central Russia recently went above and beyond the call of duty for his client when he destroyed evidence in a DUI case by eating it. According to The Daily Mail, a lawyer in Kyzyl, the capital of the Russian Republic of Tuva, was reviewing documents pertaining to his client's drunk driving arrest. Left alone in a judge's office with the documents, the lawyer decided to give his client's case a little boost by destroying the results of a breathalyzer test administered by police.

Unbeknownst to the unnamed lawyer, a surveillance camera caught him in the act. First he removed the report and stashed it in his bag. Then, because he apparently thought better of that plan, he removed the report from his bag and, after making as to put it in his pocket, he put the whole report in his mouth and ate it.

When the judge and her secretary returned to the office, the lawyer informed them that the breathalyzer report was missing, and without it there was no case against his client. Immediately suspecting foul play, the judge's secretary called in courthouse guards to search the lawyer. The initial search of the lawyer and his bag turned up nothing, but he was eventually found out when the guards reviewed footage from the office's surveillance camera.

"The lawyer's guilt cannot be denied when you look at the CCTV film," said a police spokesman.

Instead of helping his client avoid jail, the lawyer now has legal woes himself. He could face up to two years in jail and a fine of 200,000 ruble or roughly $3,044.

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