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Expensive precautions in an industry that employs 850,000 Brits


It offers more features, colors than the base Mini at a lower price

It offers more features, colors than the base Mini at a lower price.

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From India to Slovakia, it's not just the usual suspects

Car-producing countries may include Germany, Japan, South Korea, and of course, the United States. But those aren't the only places where cars sold in America are built. Here then is our list of 20 cars and SUVs assembled in unexpected places.

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It shares its color with the Golden Gate Bridge

It shares its color with the Golden Gate Bridge.


Sportscars, electric cars, and even a luxury vehicle or two

The average American drives over 13,000 miles per year, but some cars barely ever get those miles put on them. Here are the least-driven vehicles in America.


Mini created this special one-off to be auctioned for charity after the wedding.

As far as wedding presents go, it sure beats a hand mixer. Mini has created a one-off car to commemorate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The car won't be brought in and parked next to the gift table, however. Instead, it'll be given to a charity chosen by the royal couple, which will then auction it.


Smaller electric hatchback would replace i3 in 2023

With just two BMW i cars currently available — and aging — we've been hankering to know what new EVs are coming down the pipeline for the Bavarian automaker. We've had news of the iNext and i4, caught wind of an iX3, and as BMW is in the early stages of a large electrification push, there has been a multitude of "i"-prefaced trademarks registered. The next we can expect, if the rumors from Spanish outlet Motor.es are to be believed, will be a diminutive i1 EV, based on the same platf

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Special Mini will traverse the world's longest north-south roadway

In addition to the electric version of the classic Mini, the cheeky British BMW subsidiary has another battery-powered offering to electrify attendees of the New York Auto Show. This one is a special version of the Mini Cooper SE Countryman ALL4, slated for a particularly impressive journey. The Mini Countryman Panamericana Plug-In Hybrid — or, rather, three of them — will traverse the world's longest north-south roadway route, traveling from North America to Tierra Del Fuego, at the


Consider this a preview of an actual electric Mini to be unveiled next year

We have good news, and we have bad news. First, the good: BMW is showing off this ridiculously fun classic Mini at the New York Auto Show, complete with the addition of a fully modernized electric powertrain. And now, the bad: It's a one-off that will not be put into production. To clarify, Mini will indeed unveil a full electric model sometime in 2019, but it'll be based on the new Cooper, not the classic you see here.

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Mini's plug-in crossover electrifies our hearts.

The biggest Mini is a relative term.


Check out those Union Jack taillights

They may be taking this British thing too far.


It responds 50 times faster than conventional systems, company says

Here's how the BMW i3s's stability control takes full advantage of its instantaneous torque, and why it'll make its way into ICE BMWs and Minis.


Mini owners will be able order customized parts through an online configurator.

Mini owners will be able to create their own colors, texts and even their own signatures using an online configurator.


It interacts with the navigation system in some cool ways.

Mini adds a dual-clutch transmission to the 2018 options sheet outside the U.S.

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