Oscar Mayer plumps up Wienerfleet with Wienermini, Wiener Rover, Wienercycle and Wienerdrone

Contrary to popular belief and the song that's now going to be stuck in your head the rest of the day (you're welcome), not everyone loves an Oscar Mayer wiener. But everyone, bar none, loves the Wienermobile. And that's why we're so happy to see that Oscar Mayer has expanded its fleet of wiener-inspired vehicles to include a downsized wiener car, a scooting wiener, a radio-controlled wiener, and, perhaps most inspiring of all, a wienerdrone. Can a wiener-shaped Power Wheels be far behind?

Before we get to the hovering coup de grĂ¢ce, let's dissect the other wieners on wheels. The Wienermini, quite obviously, is built atop the chassis of a Mini Cooper. It can surely go places the larger OG-Wienermobile simply can't due to its massive dimensions. Then there's the Wiener Rover, which, despite its name, was not built to introduce Martians to the joys of processed meats. The third new wiener is a Vespa in orange and yellow with a wiener-shaped sidecar. Here's hoping those wieners don't stink of two-stroke.

And finally there's the Wienerdrone. In retrospect, it's amazing that it has taken this long for someone to invent the world's most perfect hot dog delivery system. We imagine hundreds of these wiener-shaped copters autonomously delivering wieners at sporting events all across the country. Make it so, Oscar Mayer. Only then will everyone truly love an Oscar Mayer wiener.

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