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On track and off, it’s almost a killer app

On track and off, it's almost a killer app.


‘It's a fashion statement’: Expect lots of new colors and powertrains

Kia is apparently feeling confident enough in the early sales figures of its new Stinger sedan to be mulling ideas for future variants of its GT-inspired fastback. The brand's North American product planner tells AutoGuide it wants to keep the nameplate's lineup fresh with frequent updates and additions.


Videos, pictures and words from our Colorado-to-Oregon road trip

They call the 2018 Kia Stinger a GT. It's powerful and sleek with a low-slung seating position, quick steering and, even with all-wheel drive, a tail-happy nature. It looks killer in red. And with its V6-powered engine, the letters GT are even festooned upon its liftgate. Well, that's nice, but how does it actually deliver on the grand-tourer formula of rapid, comfortable and stylish transportation?


Only 500 units planned for a car that fuses east and west

Only 500 units planned for the special edition, which fuses east and west


A ‘Black Panther’ Lexus promo and a chance to win a Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe.

Steven Tyler, a 'Black Panther' promo and a chance to win a Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe.


Car will debut at the Detroit Auto Show

This version does not appear to be a hatchback.


50 shades of gray? Nah, you only get 3 in this devoid-of-color palette.

You've got to pay for something that isn't a shade of gray.


No compromise — sporty, luxurious, practical

The competition is close.


The price goes up from there — but so does the performance

The price goes up from there — but so does the performance.

First Drive

Korea's new sports sedan signals a dramatic brand shift for Kia, and the Stinger GT is the first to reflect a new, more performance-oriented direction.


We have our more lax exhaust noise regulations to thank for it.