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A Sino-U.S.-European merger would create the first truly global auto group.

We also discuss a big Ram 2500 and find a way to spend your money.

Mazda has some cool stuff coming.

The four-cylinder will also have an interesting starter.

Ever feel like FCA puts a Hemi in just about everything? Well... it does. And we're glad.

We present every V8-powered Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram you can get, and rank them from the least to the most powerful.

Not many production vehicles are spied playing in a giant sandbox.

One of the final examples of the iconic 'Mail Jeep.'

Found in a Denver-area self-service wrecking yard, this '83 DJ-5 features GM Iron Duke power, sliding doors, and Chrysler automatic transmission.

Those outside latches aren't going anywhere.

Or should you just hold out for the Trackhawk?

It's all a question of performance, price, and practicality. And not necessarily in that order.

The newest Jeep is the Compass, and while classified as a compact, its size, interior room, and powertrain overlap nicely (or confusingly) with its midsize sibling, the Cherokee.

We flew to New Zealand just to drive a truck.

Marchionne says FCA did not intentionally "set up a defeat device that was even remotely similar to what (Volkswagen) had in their cars."

A video series about the history of cars.

Jeep culture is a tight-knit community of passionate enthusiasts with plenty of interesting stories and traditions, like the Jeep Wave. But how did the Jeep Wave start? Episode 2 of The Exposition takes a look at some of the theories behind the origin of this unique driving ritual.

Lyman Trail is in the backwoods of FCA's Chelsea Proving Grounds. It's where they push all of their off-roaders to the limits. Autoblog's Greg Miglore made a recent visited to Lyman Trail with the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. Check out the video to see how the SUV performed.

The report will add to a growing chorus of voices alleging cheating.

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