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Which hot FCA SUV would you want?

Two different takes on the same idea from the same corporation.


Jeep Cherokee driving-up-a-stream ad shows habitat destruction

The car drives up a stream.


If you're not happy with the V6 or the four-cylinder, Bruiser Conversions will drop in a Chevy V8

Well that was fast.


Why you won't always save money when buying a used vehicle.

You're brand new car is going to lose a ton of value right when you drive it off the lot, right? Turns out, that may not always be the case.

Spy Shots

Fiat-based little crossover's front gets a refresh, as does the dashboard.

The spied Jeep was probably undergoing winter testing.


Engine is $1,000, but you can only get it with the eight-speed auto.

The turbo four has 35 pound-feet more torque than the base V6.


Want to know which SUVs are union-made here in the United States? Here you go.

We share the 19 SUVs presently made in the United States by the United Autoworkers, or UAW.

First Drive

The Trailhawk is incredibly capable, too

If you're not off-roading much, you might be happier with something else.


The outgoing model is built alongside the 2019 Jeep Wrangler.

The JK generation has been in production since 2006.


Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk sees the biggest increase

A fresh face and fresh pricing.


Too bad it's only slated for Europe.

Hey, we'll always have the Trackhawk.

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New photos show the SUV with no camo.

Sounds a little like Great Leader.


Jeep's midsizer looks much like its big brother, the Grand Cherokee.

Far less polarizing than before.

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The clearest images of the Jeep pickup so far

Here's what we know so far.


Jean Jennings recounts her Jeep adventures, from the Pig of Bronze to an '87 YJ to the 2018 stalwart.

The interior is modern and packed with tons of storage and more connectivity; it was designed with a deft touch by someone who watched, listened and then nailed it.

Spy Shots

Look for the Grand Wagoneer name to make a return.

No official word on a production version.