Watch these Super Bowl car commercials [UPDATE]

Jason Bateman, a Jeep Gladiator, Matt Leinart and a mystery from Toyota

On Sunday, February 3, the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Some will watch because of the storyline of the old-school dynasty facing off against the new-school wunderkinds, but a large chunk of people will solely be watching for the commercials. Lucky for those who slot into the latter category, many of the manufacturers release their super bowl ads ahead of time, or have simply opted to release the commercials only online. Scroll down to see what car companies have already shown their cards.


Audi goes the comedic route in its clip for the Big Game. It starts with a grandpa showing his grandson a gorgeous Audi e-tron GT tucked away in a garage before he's shaken awake. Turns out he was just choking on a cashew in his cubicle at his boring job.


Dodge does what it knows: create enough smoke to punch more holes in the ozone layer. Set to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia (the Super Bowl is in Atlanta, get it!?), a Challenger SRT Hellcat widebody, Charger SRT Hellcat, and Durango SRT are seen ripping through a city, leaving a trail of rubber crumbs in their wakes.


Genesis has not yet released a commercial prior to the Super Bowl, but it is the official luxury vehicle of the NFL. Because of this, Genesis is hosting a fan experience for 10 days before the game. It will showcase the brand's cars, offer games, and have photos opportunities and autograph days.


Jason Bateman alert! Hyundai is one of the few companies to hook a major celebrity for its advertisement, and the casting is perfect. Bateman plays a doorman who takes people to various terrible events in life, including root canals, the middle seat, and shopping for a car. The ad centers around Hyundai's Shopper Assurance, which is Hyundai's new method for car shopping.


An old 1963 Jeep Gladiator finds its strength in the crusher and transforms into a a new 2020 Gladiator, with a firm declaration that the nameplate is officially back.


Through Kia's commercial, a young boy wonders out loud what it'd be like if the millions spent on Super Bowl commercials were used to help others. Kia is using this as an announcement of a new fund, The Great Unknowns Scholarship, which will be used to "help young people in need get a foothold in higher education."


Matt Leinart assists Lexus in a light-hearted ad showing how all-protected quarterbacks could benefit from safety systems similar to those found in today's Lexus vehicles.


Mercedes-Benz keys in on its new infotainment system with a supposedly much-improved voice command system in the 2019 A-Class. The ad shows a man with the power to command anything, from making a golf putt to changing the music at a concert to freeing Willy.


Nissan hasn't released a commercial, but it did take the time to make a TV size guide for its cars.


In Ram's commercial titled, "Can't Remember," two guys have a casual convo about Super Bowl commercials and how the advertising has become so ridiculous that they don't even show the product the brand is selling. So, Ram decided to simply show the product it's selling, the new 2019 Ram Heavy Duty.

Although FCA has decided not to actually air any of its advertising during the Super Bowl game, it released multiple videos, including four Ram spots. This one shows hundreds of Rams running across the country to make it to the game, where they come face to face with Rams fans in the 2019 Ram Heavy Duty.

Ram compares the fourth quarter of a football game to the gritty grind of putting in the time in any field of work. The blue-collar theme plays into Ram's catchphrase "Built to Serve."

The fourth Ram ad is billed as a short film directed by Jaci Judelson and starring actor Jeremy Renner as the narrator. It focuses on a young girl, with a voiceover talking up her infinite opportunities in the future as a strong independent woman. The commercial ends with, "Make the next generation even better. That's our job."


Toyota brought an extremely interesting and inspiring person into their advertisement in Toni Harris, a football player aiming to become the first female to make it in the NFL. In it, the narrator compares Harris and her journey to the Rav4's and Toyota's.

Toyota, which will sponsor the Halftime Show, also announced that it would air a second commercial during the Super Bowl, directly after the Halftime entertainment concludes. It will feature the upcoming Toyota Supra, and "will showcase Supra's performance, capability and style as it conquers the obstacles of a life-sized pinball machine."


Instead of paying for a commercial spot, Volvo decided to try to steal viewers with a mobile game that could win them a car.

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