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Parts company to be stood up on its own

Fiat Chrysler said on Thursday its board had tasked management to proceed with spinning off Magneti Marelli and distributing shares in a new holding for the 99-year old parts business to FCA investors.


But here's why floormat alliance is a good thing for the track

It adds another word.


HUDs are in more new cars, and they're about to get more sophisticated


From Tradesman to Laramie, mild to wild

Ram has launched the online configuration tool for the 2019 Ram 1500 pickup truck. There's a version for everyone including work trucks and luxury vehicles.


Try finding new parts for the Porsche 959.

Porsche also offers new and new old stock parts for sale.


There are lots of choices, but here are a few we like.

We've included our favorite infant seats, convertible seats and booster seats.


Winter tire care tips from the experts.


It'll hurt automakers and U.S. workers, they say.

The 70 representatives are from states with auto plants.


We packed our Tacomas with essential tools, fuel, traction aids and more.

Here's what we took. You might want to carry some of this gear, too.


Volkswagen offers twice as much coverage as the old warranty

It's the best bumper-to-bumper warranty among mainstream cars.

If a beer company isn't sponsoring your ride, here's a way to get into racing

Ford and performance have been synonymous since Henry put Barney Oldfield in the seat of his 999 at the beginning of the last century.

The rules of origin about U.S. content are a huge sticking point.


Which is the better value? Tyre Reviews' Jonathan Benson puts them to the test.


It sounds like an old adage, but it's true: you can't miss what you don't see. And if you're driving more, especially late at night, the chances of not seeing something on or beside the road increase dramatically.

In motorcycling there are the cruisers and the café bikes, the hipsters and the Hogs. And there are those that use tankbags, and those who'd prefer going with a backpack.

You needn't be in the middle of Moab to benefit from portable power.

Whether you're running out to grab but one or two items, or spending the day in a multiple-mall crawl, keeping your trunk or hatch organized makes the task of getting your purchases home much, much simpler.

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Constructed with High quality materials this rugged rooftop cargo bag is guaranteed to protect your luggage & cargo from rain, snow, wind, and debris. Heavy duty cargo straps safely and easily secure to your vehicle WITH or WITHOUT roof rack