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Gran Turismo Sport launches October 17th. Get caught up on what you can do for this next long running racing series.

This majestic beauty is ripping through the streets with a whopping 1 horsepower

On this episode of "The List," we travel to Paris to drive a VSP.

We'll show you the step-by-step process to complete a final inspection on this episode of Autoblog Details.

The highly anticipated sci-fi film "Blade Runner 2049" will be in theaters Oct 6, 2017. As car enthusiasts, we couldn't help but notice the handful of awesomely futuristic vehicles that have been popping up in the movie's trailers. Tuk tuks are in, and there's also a Lada. Wanna find out more about the film and the cars? Head over to http://bladerunnermovie.com/

Rezvani made a name for itself making sports cars but now it has added an SUV to its lineup. Tank is based on the current Jeep Wrangler Unlimited but it isn't propelled by the Wrangler's V6. The Tank's styling certainly fits in with the company's supercars.

Find out the proper tools and techniques you'll need to clean your windows on this episode of Autoblog Details.

Graffiti artist Rene Turrek shows off his custom color-changing paint jobs. The thermochromic paint pigment changes color when heated revealing unique images. Check out more from Rene Turrek's one-of-a-kind creations on his YouTube page: https://goo.gl/DTk5Zj.

A Reddit user posted this provocative photo, and then vanished.

You probably have heard by now that Tesla's working on an electric semi truck. This appears to be it. A Reddit user (M_Marie8) posted this photo — and then the Reddit account disappeared. We don't have much else to go on, but it sure looks like the truck Elon Musk teased at a TED talk back in April. We also know the truck is set to be unveiled sometime soon, perhaps this month if it doesn't get delayed further. Other than its expected short-haul range of 200-300 miles and the day cab (no s

Find out how to dress your trim for the longest lasting shine and protection on this episode of Autoblog Details.

Studio F.A. Porsche and Shipbuilder Dynamiq built a 115-foot long yacht. The GTT 115 Superyacht is priced at $16.7 million. It will be on display at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Ken Block went to the famous Pikes Peak for some stunt driving. He also brought along the Hoonicorn V2, the second version of his V8, all-wheel-drive Mustang. Watch all the excitement as he drifts around a helicopter, gets a quick brake check by the park staff, and comes pretty close to the edge of a cliff.

The Rolls-Royce SRH was handcrafted for the children in the Pediatric unit of St. Richard's Hospital in West Sussex. It took the Bespoke Manufacturing team about 400 hours to complete this truly one of a kind Rolls-Royce.

Volvo's new crossover, the XC40, was unveiled in Milan, Italy. The Swedish automaker will pack the XC40 with a cluster of safety equipment.

Find out how to protect your paint with a coating and top it with a sealant on this episode of Autoblog Details.

Experience the inside of a mech suit in 360 degrees.

On this episode of AutoblogVR, pop a squat inside an actual, functional mech suit. If you have a VR headset, you're gonna want to pull it out for this one.

Here's a question: how does a self-driving car reveal its intentions to you without an audio cue?

Jaguar's first battery-electric vehicle is the I-Pace eTrophy. The luxury automaker debuted the I-Pace at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Jaguar plans to electrify all new models by 2020.

On this Autoblog Details, learn the step-by-by process for compounding and polishing your paint.

The Bugatti Chiron set a world record from a standstill to 248mph to a standstill.

On this episode of Details, we're gonna show you the steps to safely use clay and avoid mistakes commonly made during this abrasive process.

The 2018 Nissan Leaf is more powerful and less expensive than the model it's replacing.

The Smart vision EQ fortwo is Daimler AG's take on the future of mobility. This electric concept has no pedals or steering wheel and considers a future with autonomous car sharing.

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