5 great windshield cleaners | Autoblog's Favorites

Keep your windshield clean and clear

Looking for the best glass cleaner to keep your windshield spotless? Here are our top recommendations to keep your windows shiny and clean.

Stoner Invisible Glass - $14.60 (2-pack)
Possibly the most well-known brand of glass cleaner and for good reason. Solid all around.

Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner - $12.47
Uses an anti-hazing formula and can be used on all tinted windows.

3M Glass Cleaner - $2.35
Provides aerosol application and is extremely affordable. It's also streak free.

Safelite Glass Cleaner - $11.98 (2-pack)
The only cleaner we've found that markets itself as "pleasant smelling." A strong option.

Shine Society Glass Cleaner - $12.47
This all-natural option doubles as a disinfectant and even comes with a microfiber towel.

Do you have a window cleaner that you swear by? Have you had any bad streaky experiences? Let us know in the comments.

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