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Justice Department and VW holding settlement talks.

Things just keep getting worse for VW.


Meanwhile, Volkswagen and CARB continue testing in the US.

Three-cylinder TDI engines were never sold in the United States.


Volkswagen is serious about its new design language.


VW may be looking to follow Tesla's lead with a solar partnership.

Volkswagen may be in talks with SMA Solar to collaborate on a solar-energy-storage project for its EV fleet.


Arm yourself with information before agreeing to any price for your TDI.

Stay vigilant and informed, VW TDI owners.


Oil burners I've loved and lost – and the turbocharged future without diesel.

The Volkswagen TDI cheat saddled owners with something they didn't bargain for. It also saddled diesel admirers with the consequences of their enthusiasm.


Models going back to 1995 can be unlocked by theives.

The signal from a key fob can be intercepted and retransmitted to unlock a vehicle.


28 companies sign a letter calling on the DOJ calling to appoint an independent monitor.

There's concern in the EV charging industry that VW could use its big investment into zero-emissions tech to influence the business or hurt established competitors.


After 22 minutes, the emissions controls shut off. Here's why.

The cheats involved the Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg, and Audi Q7 models.


VW should allow buybacks even after repair work, it argues.

CR also suggested consumers be allowed to take advantage of the buyback deal after dealers perform emissions work.


VW is also working on utility and economy-vehicle designs.

How do you say "forget everything you ever knew about diesels" in German?


The filters should cut soot emissions by 90 percent.

Volkswagen is setting off on an offensive to scrub the emissions on its gas-powered models with a piece of diesel tech.


A Chinese park goer got a nasty surprise when a Siberian tiger pulled the bumper right off their Volkswagen.


It's only one among many, though.

VW's legal logic says Californians should be suing in German court.


Mercedes-Benz’s diesels are still delayed.

It took some extra testing, but they have a clean bill of health.


Bavaria wants some of its lost money back.

The Bavarians are not pleased.


VW might be hoping to cut its losses with the fixes, but it still faces the proposal of billions in buybacks.

The new approach gives VW an awful lot of wiggle room, but with good reason.

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