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This particular car should also be called an LC 560.


Lexus ads had a similar, anti-EV bent back in 2014.

Toyota's luxury division really wants to talk down plug-ins.


The concept car, deconstructed.

UX is short for user experience, and that's just what Lexus is trying to rethink with the unique interior and exterior design of its latest concept car.


A human driver ran a red light and hit Google's autonomous Lexus.

Google cites this accident as example of "why we're developing fully self-driving technology to make our roads safer."


This crossover brings instrumentation into a new dimension.


This is the third time the company has recalled these cars for this problem.


The LC lends itself well to Super GT racing.

Lexus' styling is polarizing, but when outfitted for high-level racing in its home country, the effect on a car like the LC500 is transformative.


We get snow drifty in Colorado and give you a full 360-degree view.

These cars may have four doors, but they're still packing plenty of performance.

Nearly every car company offers a sedan with a real back seat that offers the kind of performance that used to be reserved for exotic two-seaters.


Retro styling is popular in the prototype car industry.


We enjoy playing the speculation game.

Talk of a twin-turbo V6 for the new Lexus GS and LS has us wondering if this engine will make it into the hypothetical Toyota Supra and BMW Z5.

Run, don't walk, if you want to buy one of these cars used.

We talk a lot about new cars, but people often go the used route. And the used car market hides some fascinating data that we sometimes overlook.


The study shows "huge variation" in the Tesla purchasing experience.

Infiniti, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz took the top spots in Pied Piper's tenth annual Prospect Satisfaction Index, while other prominent brands struggled.


You could try to fix it yourself by disconnecting the battery cables for 10 minutes, but Lexus would rather have you bring the car to a dealership.


The small crossover is likely to be based on the Toyota C-HR.


Similar recall adjustments are expected from the 17 other affected automakers this week.

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